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SereniGy Global Company Review: Another Company Enters The Coffee Cash Wars

December 9th, 2011

If you’re researching SereniGy Global for your next home based business and looking to see if it is the right Network Marketing company for you, you’ve come to the right spot. This will be the best SereniGy review you’ll find online to help you make an informed decision about this home based business. SereniGy is a new direct sales company that promotes 100% Certified Organic Ganoderma through it’s healthier coffee and teas.

SereniGy Review: The Company

Officially launched in May 2011, SereniGy was Founded by master distributor and former professional baseball player, Jay Noland, a proven network marketer who has generated over 100 million in sales for his organizations.

Jay Noland was a master recruiter and minority shareholder, for another “healthy” coffee MLM, Organo Gold, before stepping out on his own to bring SereniGy to the marketplace. Very few distributors turned CEOs have been able to successful and effectively lead an entire company as business owners, but with an experienced management team Jay Noland is showing that it can be done.

SereniGy Review: The Products

At the core of all the SereniGy products is 100% Certified Organic Ganoderma. Ganoderma Lucidum also known as Reishi is a mushroom, said to have well over 150 antioxidants and 200 phytonutrients.

There are over 3 Million Web pages of third party documentation on the internet about this powerful mushroom that has a 4,000 year history and has been marked as the “King of Herbs”.

Ganoderma is know to help provide more energy, oxygenate the body and increase stamina, rejuvenate the body, improve sleep, increase the immune system and it is considered the # 1 anti-aging herb in the world.

The SereniGy product line includes not only coffee, but teas, hot chocolate, nutraceuticals, anti-aging, weight loss and performance products. There is a huge market for coffee with 250 million people drinking 3-5 cups a day…and that is just in the North America alone. The SereniGy business plan is to capture at least 1% of the coffee market over the next 3 years. Lofty? It’s to be seen, but with 750 millions cups of coffee served daily and people spending about $50 a month on their habit, it shouldn’t be too hard to find a few coffee drinkers that want to get paid for drinker a product they consume every day anyways.

SereniGy has a strong mission behind the marketing with their SereniGy Global Foundation. Here Jay Noland takes about the current project that is helping hundreds of orphaned children in Kenya, Africa. A portion of every dollar that comes into SereniGy goes toward the SereniGy Global Foundation.

SereniGy Review: The Compensation Plan

As with any new MLM company, there is both risk and reward. With a majority of new network marketing companies popping up daily only to close their doors within the first 12-24 months, you have to be careful who you invest your money with. But the upside of being able to position yourself at the beginning, pre-momentum, can be extremely lucrative.

There is no doubt about this, network marketing and direct sales is much more rewarding for those that jump in at the top and leverage timing and positioning as the company grows. » Read more: SereniGy Global Company Review: Another Company Enters The Coffee Cash Wars

Empower Network Review – Don’t Join Before You Read This Detailed Review!

December 9th, 2011

If you’re reading this, you’re probably deciding whether or not to join the Empower Network. Frankly, with all the hype and buzz going on about it, not looking at it is almost impossible. With that said, it’s tempting to get sucked in and join without doing any due diligence. In this review, you’ll learn what the Empower Network is, who’s behind it, and how it works. You’ll also learn a critical mistake that many are making and how you can avoid it like the plague. Ready? Let’s get started!

Who Is The Empower Network?

First and foremost, it’s important to have an understanding of who is behind The Empower Network. The Empower Network is the creation of David Sharpe and David Wood. Launched in November 2011, the Empower Network has ‘gone viral’, and is taking over the Internet. At one point, the Empower Network made the ‘What’s Hot’ list on As of this writing, it has an Alexa ranking of 2,770, which is absolutely remarkable considering that it has only been around for 30 days.

As far as the co-founders go, they both have exceptional track records in the industry, specifically in the online marketing arena. David Wood is a true guru marketer. He tells his story of starting, and struggling, in Network Marketing while living in a van in Hawaii. He has gone on to become the top recruiter in his primary company, as well as a top producer in one of the largest Attraction Marketing communities online today. David Sharpe also explains his ‘rags to riches’ story as being one that has gone from being a overworked and underpaid construction worker working in the hot Florida sun to being recognized as one of the top copy writers in the industry. While they both have different leadership styles, together they have dynamic synergy. Personally, I like the transparency they provide, which I believe comes from the years of struggling in the industry they both endured.

What Is The Empower Network?

Contrary to what many think, The Empower Network is not a network marketing company. In fact, it’s nothing more than a viral blogging platform sold through affiliates. As a marketer, why do you need a blog? Because, by far, the most effective way to brand yourself, generate leads and sell stuff online is through a personalized blog.

When you sign up, you receive a fully functioning wordpress blog. This is a true ‘plug and play’ system. When you become a member for $25 a month, you instantly have access to a highly optimized blog, complete with lead capture page and sales funnel. You can start blogging immediately! The great thing that few realize is that the Empower Network already has a higher page rank than someone who starts their own personal blog. Having a higher page rank will result in your blog posts being ranked higher and faster on the search engines. A person who has NEVER blogged at all can use this system! And because it’s a ‘plug and play’ platform, you don’t have to fiddle with complicated plug-ins or learn all types of different header tags. » Read more: Empower Network Review – Don’t Join Before You Read This Detailed Review!