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Importing Contacts for Business

October 31st, 2012

In every business, having business relationship is important because not only it provides wider and bigger business opportunities both for the business owners, but also for the business partners. In certain condition, the business relationship is also covering the business and clients relationship which is why some businesses are using the service from bulk mobile text service to import contacts for business marketing purposes. Text message marketing is proper term for this kind of business and it offers contacts for any businesses that are in need for marketing their products through mobile text service. The mobile text service is considered to be cheap and able to reach out any type of clients that they want.

Sometimes, some business owners think that it is not the proper business tip to market certain products through mobile text service because they are limited by the amount of text limitation and different text rates from different telecommunication providers. Actually, many telecommunication providers are having special business relationship with those who are in need to import contact to market their products although the aforementioned telecommunication providers are only giving the mobile phone numbers to their clients, not the entire details about the clients.

There are business owners who are importing the contact from 3rd party where they are in importing contact business and provide list of mobile numbers with different type of clients. Text Marketing is classifying their clients’ mobile phone numbers based on the location and if you notice, this kind of service is almost similar with the email marketing list and what differentiates them is the marketing media. One mobile contact can be used for several marketing or promotional purposes and it pretty much depends on the businesses that are paying for importing the contacts. Perhaps you already experienced by receiving marketing mobile text message which offers you medical equipments or supplies and other needs.

Sustainability Driving Innovation

October 31st, 2012

Sustainability is a catalyst for innovation. Companies around the world are serving as functioning models of the evolving relationship between sustainability and innovation. Sustainable innovations are creating new business models, opening up new markets and providing competitive advantages. Sustainable innovation is also improving profitability.

Companies around the world are demonstrating how innovative sustainable practices are bettering their bottom line. Organisations that seek growth must focus on business operations, shareholders, society and the environment simultaneously. Concentrating on any one of these areas at the expense of the other two could undermine long-term success. A focus on sustainability provides the best means to implement this multi-pronged strategy simultaneously, enabling organisations to innovate, differentiate themselves and succeed. Although sustainable practices were once dismissed for being too costly, increasing numbers of companies are coming to the realization that sustainable innovations are a gateway to growth.

Sustainable innovation is also known as eco-innovation, this is a term used to describe products and processes that contribute to sustainable development. Eco-innovation is the commercial application of knowledge to elicit direct or indirect ecological improvements. It is often used to describe a range of related ideas, from environmentally friendly technological advances to socially-acceptable innovative paths towards sustainability.

Eco-innovation requires a workforce that can consider problems from multiple perspectives and that can effectively work in cross-functional teams. For example, experience in chemistry and physics is required to tackle things like photovoltaics, polymers and greener chemical production.

Sustainable innovation offers businesses an increasingly important competitive advantage and an integrative approach to innovation often yields the best results. For an integrative approach, research and development need to encompass the entire life cycle, and this information needs to be continuously shared among the various work groups. Green innovation is about maintaining a sustainable focus and this requires continuous project evaluation from idea to commercialization. It is important to ensure that each phase creates a feedback loop that continually informs decision-making. » Read more: Sustainability Driving Innovation