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Auto Insurers in LA

November 28th, 2012

There are many reasons why some people are deciding to live in LA and most of them are usually deciding due to the weather condition. But there is something about LA that makes people drawn to it and it is definitely not the traffic hours. The general insurance is what makes some people are choosing to live in LA because they know that they can get better price and insurance deal in this city. The aforementioned insurance is the most common insurance that most people in LA are applying for. So, what makes this kind of insurance is popular among insurance clients?

What makes the insurance popular among people in LA is because the way it provides coverage for the clients. The insurance ability to coverage certain factors from the clients are not the only thing that people in LA decided to apply for certain insurance service. The general auto insurance is part of the aforementioned insurance where the clients are able to get the most common and basic insurance quotes, premium rates, and even insurance claim process. Most auto insurers in LA have different market segment because they have various insurance products and services that might be needed by their potential clients.

It is not like the potential clients are picky, but living in LA can’t be considered being cheap although some people know how to live affordably. The same thing goes when they are hunting for the appropriate insurance products and services that match with their financial ability. LA Auto Insurance is obviously focusing in providing the reliable insurance products and services for your car’s need. Whether it is for paying up some of the damage cost or covering the regular maintenance checking, the insurance quotes and premium rates are going to cover it. It is actually depending on the agreement between the clients and the insurance companies to determine on what the insurance companies should be covered.

Loving Your Customers, Getting Your Customers to Love You

November 6th, 2012

It may be awkward to openly acknowledge it, but every sale is a kind of seduction. As marketers, we make introductions, pursue courtships and hope for consummation – the sale.

And as in any love affair, we know that reason plays a subordinate role to emotion. Logical arguments are insufficient – to win a portion of our prospects’ bank accounts, we must win their hearts first. Obviously, “love” is too strong a word for what we pursue. But make no mistake – without that basic appeal to the prospect’s inner harbor of feelings, whether it’s in a consumer or business-to-business pitch – you will not make any progress toward the bottom line.

Here, then, are a few thoughts on how to use words – which may be applied to everything from direct mail to Web site content — to make a more compelling appeal to the heart, and via the heart, to the purse.

Show them that you care.

Ever see a truly smooth operator in action? They almost always do two things at the initiation of their pursuits: 1)They talk about a subject they know the other person is interested in; and 2), they acknowledge the other person’s feelings about it.

How does apply to sales and marketing? Suppose you offer financial planning services. The awkward suitor begins by talking about their services, but the smooth operator opens the conversation by talking about the future and makes the subject personal. She expresses the hopes of a prosperous future of comfort and security – and the corresponding fears of poverty, deprivation and loss of comfort. She speaks to issues that interest her prospect and demonstrates an empathetic understanding of the prospect’s feelings.

By showing empathy with your prospects’ concerns, you earn their ears.

It’s not “me, me, me.”

Consider the worst dates in your life. Chances are, they were the ones where your companion for the evening talked endlessly about his ideas, his career, his achievements and so on. Without leaving you room for a word edgewise. » Read more: Loving Your Customers, Getting Your Customers to Love You