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How to Start Your Own Trucking Company

September 8th, 2012

If you’ve got substantial experience as a truck driver and above average business acumen you should consider starting a trucking company. Before you completely immerse yourself in your ideas and plans it would be worthwhile to understand that it takes a lot of grit, hard work and endurance to keep your head above water. Besides, you’ll need injections of cash at regular intervals to keep your trucking business well-greased and running smoothly.

Despite the rising cost of gas and diesel, the trucking industry is still booming. There is a lot of competition to bag trucking contracts. It takes more than a good hand on the wheel to keep your business afloat. Draw up a comprehensive business plan and use the following tips when pondering over how to start a trucking company.


If you’re planning to start a multi-truck organization, your finance requirements will be quite high. The start up costs in opening a trucking business varies between $10,000 to $50,000. So evaluate how you’re going to get this kind of funding. Figure out whether you’ll need a business loan. Potential sources of financing would be banks, financial institutions and any organizations who offer small business loans. Before you approach lenders and investors, draw up a concrete business plan summarizing your business goals, finance requirements, expenses and future incomes.

Rules and Regulations

When studying how to start a trucking business, familiarize yourself with all the laws and licensing procedures. Some of the rules and regulations you need to get acquainted with are IFTA licensing, state registration and permits, BOC-3 filing, fuel tax payments etc. Be thorough in your research and if still in doubt, perhaps it would be better to hire a compliance professional.


You also have to make a decision about the type of freight to carry. These days most things are transported by trucks. You can carry wet or dry freight, durable goods etc. So make up your mind about the kind of freight to transport. » Read more: How to Start Your Own Trucking Company

How to Start Your Own Insurance Company

September 8th, 2012

Insurance agencies are normally started by insurance professionals and people with experience in financial services who want to spread their wings and become entrepreneurs. While it’s okay to get excited about starting your own insurance agency, try to stay rooted in reality. Operating an insurance business is challenging to say the very least. It takes a lot of hard work, resolve and determination to kick-start an insurance business and keep it running smoothly. If you’re thinking about how to start an insurance company, first talk to others already in the business to get an idea about the obstacles you’re likely to encounter.


The first step in deciding how to start an insurance company is assessing your own personal skills. Are you good at sales? If you’re already in insurance sales, are you reasonably successful? Do you have an interest in financial services? If you lack the go-getter attitude present in most successful insurance salespeople and have only a passing interest in finance, then perhaps this is not your cup of tea.

Insurance Products

The next thing on your agenda should be to decide the type of insurance to deal in. You can deal in life and health insurance, auto insurance, property insurance, liability insurance etc. Auto insurance is perhaps the easiest to sell but not as lucrative as life insurance. When determining how to start a life insurance company, you have to remember that your main source of income will be commission and residuals from the policies. The higher the policy amount, the greater the commission. You might want to keep this in mind while deciding what type of insurance to specialize in.

Get a License

While you’re planning how to start your insurance company, » Read more: How to Start Your Own Insurance Company