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Successful Ways of Leadership and Business Development

October 24th, 2011

Leadership is all about influencing and motivating people to work towards a goal. Effective leadership is very important for the success of a business.

There is a very popular saying “A good leader is just like a fine cocktail, a perfect blend of all the fine qualities”. A good leader is a person who motivates his team to achieve the organizational goals and gives them the power and freedom to achieve the same. He never uses unfair means to get the work done from his employees and is a good role model.

Effective leadership helps an organization in getting quality work from its employees. It is very important for a leader to have clear vision of the future in order to motivate his employees. A leader can’t do this until and unless he is motivated himself. To develop positive vibes within the organization a leader should have a positive outlook himself. He should make sure that he appreciates and encourages his employees for the roles played by them in the organization. Appreciation can be verbal or in the form of appreciation tokens and rewards. It is important to constantly remind the employees of their potential in order to achieve the desired results. This helps in positively motivating the employees towards organizational goals. A leader should communicate with his employees on a regular basis and act as a mentor when his employees need him. In order to motivate the employees a leader should narrate stories about his own experience, the challenges which were faced by him and how he dealt with them. » Read more: Successful Ways of Leadership and Business Development