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Good Plan Makes Good Result

January 25th, 2012

Meeting planning services are provided by more than 1,000 experienced and independent meeting and event professionals all around the world. As we know that it is not easy to have a meeting, event or conference that is far from flawless. In accordance to that reason, it is vital to plan all the things that we want to do in the meeting in order to have a perfect result. Meeting planning can be in the form of agenda, organizing an off-site meeting or planning to get some funds in the next meeting. All of them should be planned well. Making an agenda is the first step that we should make in planning a meeting. We should make an effective agenda by doing several steps. First, you should send e-mail to each participant of the meeting that contains the time and place the meeting will be held. Second, you have to ask the participants whether they will attend the meeting or not by giving them certain amount of time. Then they should contact you before the meeting with their request and the amount time they will need to present it. Third, if all participants have submitted the agenda requests, you have to summarize them in a table format to ease you in finding the agenda item, presenter and time. Fourth, send all the agenda to all the meeting participants the day before the meeting is held. Fifth, follow this agenda during the meeting.

Another thing that is related to meeting, business and management is corporate event management. It is founded by international event consultant and A-list specialist, Lord Jason Scott. It provides an expert service from conception to manifestation. There are several services that are provided free of charge by this management; event conceptualization and management, event design and technical production, professional event coordination, corporate hospitality and premium client entertainment, private parties, film locations and shoot coordination, wedding services, strategic event marketing and the new home and office moving service which you can design, produce and manage you move.

Finally, the success of any conference or event depends on the people planning and managing it. Not only for business, but event planning also addresses to government that is called government conference planning. The services should be tight deadlines, following procedures and responding to changing agendas and decisions. It is usually plans and manages minister’s events, ministry conferences, roundtables, announcements, launches, tours and road trips, community consultations, PR events and town halls.

Generating Local Leads With and Without a Website

November 17th, 2011

Generating local leads does not require one to have a website, necessarily. It can be a benefit to have a web presence, but how do you wade through all the competition and capture the attention of the reader or seeker of your product/service? This article will provide some strategies that help you define the issue.

One of the issues with websites is the owner’s desire to educate the seeker about every aspect of their business. Often, the home page is packed full of all kinds of related but cluttering information. The viewer can become overwhelmed by information overload and click off to find another simpler site. There are those who are information hounds and it is good to have links from your home page to other pages with all the information one would like to educate the consumer on.

Local service leads and local contractor leads are generally being sought by companies wanting to do business in their local area. Local customers are usually seeking someone in their area to do services for them because of a loyalty to hometown businesses and a sense of community. The idea of having a local company perform work is usually more comforting to the consumer so that in the event some additional work or warranty work is needed, the company is close by and can take care of the issue quickly. Another reason is because a local company doing the required work provides a perception of better prices than calling someone from across town. The cost of fuel is beginning to become a major factor in costs of doing business.

How does one go about attracting local business most economically? One method is to hire a company that will do a several thousand dollar SEO job on your existing website. This can be a good move and if you have unlimited funding you can continue to employ that service to keep your website high in the search engines through continuing climbing rates of cost per click advertising, changing strategies specifically for your site because of Google’s constantly changing algorithms, and just the sheer brute strength of building backlinks and placing banner ads, at an additional cost with local business websites. There are hundreds of companies charging thousands of dollars to initiate campaigns for your website with ongoing maintenance fees of $500.00 per month or more.

Another method is to go with a company that furnishes you with contractor leads, service leads, or other types of business specific leads. Companies that fall into this category include Service Magic, Reliable Remodeler, and a host of other services which have built huge structures of websites to capture people looking for services, contractors, and home maintenance work. Prices range from $25 to $150 per lead depending on the type of lead or “exclusivity” of the leads.

Allow for a word of caution here. Most of these companies are not really providing an exclusive lead. The claim is that the lead is shared only with three to ten or more competitors in your area. Don’t count on it! There are so many companies performing this kind of service that many are selling and reselling the leads to each other. There is an aftermarket for leads several weeks old that get sold at cheaper and cheaper prices. The problem is that by the time you receive the customer information they are often already in the midst of the project with another company, or they are exasperated from having a dozen companies calling them trying to get their business. Many of these leads are costing the lead providers up to $25.00 through pay per click advertising or affiliate advertising. A recent research of cost per click leads for motorized scooters indicated a $50 per click cost. How many times and at what cost must this information be sold to recover the investment? » Read more: Generating Local Leads With and Without a Website