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Fully Automated Strategies to Make Money Online Working From Home

April 2nd, 2012

You just don’t know how to get it yet. Working from home you can make money online from quite a few different techniques and strategies. The best way to make money from home and be able to live you life how you want is to develop a fully automated strategy.

Perhaps the most profitable way to make money online working from home is becoming an affiliate marketer. Affiliate marketers are freelance sales representatives for vendors selling a product or service. Again, there are a variety of methods utilized to sell to people searching online but almost all require the creation of a website or blog where you provide quality content and drive the visitor to purchase your featured products. These featured products will be the same ones that earn you commission from your vendors. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to create a website. It is easy to learn and you will have fun doing it.

It doesn’t really matter if you buy your own domain name or go with a free option like a WordPress hosted blog. Your own domain has the potential to get you more traffic and hopefully more sales but also requires you to register (buy) your own domain and purchase a monthly hosting plan from a provider. Weigh the costs and benefits of what you want to get out of you efforts and make your choice based on that. Having your own domain gives you the power to be viewed as an authority on the subject and allows you to specifically target people searching for keywords related to the items you are selling. Free sites, which are subdomains of larger sites, like WordPress will allow your site to potentially rank high in search engines because of their own ranking but seem amateurish and don’t carry as much weight as your own personal website.

The most important part is creating a site which visitors will consider valuable to trust your judgment enough to click on your recommend links. You must solve a problem or inform them of something they were searching for to hold their attention and keep them coming back for more. Once you do this, you work is completed and your sales will start rolling in without any extra work from you. This is the best part of the whole project as your site is available 24/7 without any tending from you. » Read more: Fully Automated Strategies to Make Money Online Working From Home

A Look at Primerica From the Eyes of a Regular Person

March 2nd, 2012

In May of 2011 I was walking down the street on the way home from a doctor’s appointment when someone stopped me and asked me if I knew anyone who was interested in a position for part time or full time work. I then told him that I was interested, we then exchanged numbers, he called me and told me to come to a meeting so I showed up and when I realized that it was a Primerica function I automatically got discouraged because I was some what educated in the network marketing industry being in Amway years before (Who hasn’t served some time in Amway at one time or another). And I’ve heard a lot of negative things about Primerica so I automatically went in there with the “I’m not gonna listen to anything these people gotta say because THIS IS A SCAM.” type of attitude, I literally sat through that meeting with my arms folded and told myself “No matter what happens I WILL NOT GET EXCITED!”

As I sat through the meeting I was starting to realize that a lot of the financial concepts made sense to me, especially when they were talking about the importance of life insurance because I recalled the times some friends of mine who had unfortunately passed away and the financial devastation it took on their families. So after the meeting I had the opportunity to speak to the person who invited me so he could then explain to me on a one on one basis basically what they were about and how I could earn money with them. After the conversation I realized that this opportunity could be something that I could do in order to earn money so I immediately signed up.

Fast forward 6 months later I’m still involved in the company and it’s been a very educational experience. After being in Primerica for this time I have learned a lot of valuable of financial concepts such as buying term insurance and investing the difference so you will have money later in your retirement years. I have also learned the value of working in a team environment. The people in this environment are really positive and up beat and they are all looking to better themselves and their financial situation.

Every day I see someone new who inspires me to do better with myself and my business. For instance one of my colleagues who started at the same time that I did was able to earn close to three thousand dollars in two weeks! The best part about that was HE WAS ONLY 18 YEARS OLD!! Even though I was previously in Amway a couple of years before I didn’t earn any money being in that company but thanks to me being involved in the Primerica opportunity I was able to earn commission checks which solidified my belief not only in the company but in the network marketing industry in general.

Now that I’ve said these things let me get to the most important part of the article, which basically is “Is Primerica a scam? Can you earn money with the company? And will it work for me?” If you are asking yourself these questions let me tell you honestly that one, Primerica is not a scam it’s been around for a long time and the reason people don’t earn any money with this company or any company for that matter is that the network marketing industry has this giant misconception that as soon as you sign up with a company that YOU’LL BE ABLE TO MAKE A MILLION DOLLARS BY TOMORROW!! Obviously this is not true and when people realize this they are automatically put off on the business and the industry in general thinking that it’s a scam or a pyramid scheme because they wasn’t able to earn the money as fast as they thought they could. » Read more: A Look at Primerica From the Eyes of a Regular Person