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Increase Sales with Business Development Programs

October 24th, 2011

How can you increase sales with business development programs? While venturing into corporate resources, some businesses make a fundamental mistake. They put the development of a marketing strategy in the hands of inexperienced sales people to create and implement a new business development program. This often conflicts with marketing basics, which is to provide sales personnel with qualified new prospects to convert into sales. Sales people are more likely to focus on the short-term goals rather than the long-term objectives.

How do you increase the average sales?

Don’t take your current customers for granted: One of the most irritating things as a customer is to feel as if you are being taken for granted and not being appreciated by the selling company. Unfortunately, this is not uncommon. Companies spend most of their time and effort searching for new customers while overlooking the customers they see regularly. These repeat customers are usually ignored and left to conduct entire transactions without ever being asked if they would like to buy more. Reward them with special considerations and individual promotion.

Complacency can be the undoing of a business: How expecting customers to buy a minimum amount of product or service without asking them to buy more? This attitude can eventually cause customers to spend less money. Customers must be offered reasons to keep buying from you or they will start buying the same products and services from someone else. » Read more: Increase Sales with Business Development Programs