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Making Money At Home – 7 Magic Secrets Of Answering Surveys Online

July 16th, 2012

If your job sucks, and the hour-long journey towards office and back home seems never-ending, you should seriously think of making money at home; like answering surveys online. It is one of the best solutions not only for students, but also for moms, looking after their kids, and retired people. But what are the magic secrets that can give you the maximum earning from online surveys?

1. Promptness

The first secret of success in answering surveys online is the quickness with which you have to react. Most of the surveys are time bound and are for a specific number of members and limited time. The moment they get that many members participating, they close that particular survey. Thus you should revert to their mail almost immediately and participate in the survey. Many members lose a lot of income by delaying to react.

2. Go for niche surveys, they pay more

Participate in all surveys, (pay range is $5 – $75) but definitely do participate in surveys that most people will not participate (pay range $150 – $200). While general surveys pay you moderate incomes, since once they are floated, thousands of members participate; niche surveys (meaning surveys on small interest groups) on the other hand pay more, since few people participate in these surveys. For example, a survey on the use of electronics gadgets will be answered by everyone; but one on the use of homeopathic medicine will be answered by few. Do not leave it, while answering surveys online, since it will be a high paying one.

3. Keep all doors open for maximum earning

Do not shut any door. Keep as many doors open as possible for the maximum earning. While making your profile, include almost everything, so that you get the maximum number of surveys.

4. Participate in prize competitions as well

Many members while answering surveys online decide not to participate in prize competitions. That is wrong. Since most members do not participate in prize competitions, thinking it is not possible to win a prize, it is actually quite possible that you will win prizes. I have got $500 cash prizes twice. » Read more: Making Money At Home – 7 Magic Secrets Of Answering Surveys Online