My Opinions On Globalization

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With the IT revolution, Traditional boundaries of human society fall away. Our culture, politics, society, and business are being sloshed into one large melting pot of humanity. For a disturbance in one place is likely to impact other parts of the globe.

One example is that, China is now actively integrating into the world. Its recent entry to the WTO is a good example. In the past decades, they have taken pride in being self-reliant, but now they realize the importance of participating in and contributing to a broader economic order. But what does the way ahead look like? In some parts of the world people are demonstrating against globalization. Instead of narrowing the gap between the rich and the poor, they say, globalization enables the developed nations to swallow the developing nations’ wealth in debts and interest.

Everything has two sides in the world, and so has the process of globalization. To those nations in Europe, globalization may has bad effects on them, many companies transfer their factories to cheap production areas in order to compete at the world markets, so the results are rising unemployment rates in the old industrial countries. However, for those developing countries, globalization may be a very good chance to flourish their economy.

All in all, the effects of globalization are huge. It is vitally important that we young people should do more serious thinking and broaden our mind to bigger issue. Regardless of the different views and conceptions of globalization, the fact is that nowadays, capital, commodities, technologies, services and so on can flow across national boundaries with increasing speed and ease. Thus, it is no wonder that globalization is causing much discussion.


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