SideWalk Signs

February 13th, 2013 by admin Leave a reply »

It is not easy being a walker because not only that the pavement which specially designed for walkers is not comfortable, but sometimes, the problems that the walkers have to face is when they have to cross the streets where most drivers are not that patient to give the walkers the chance to cross the street. To help those walkers, the government is usually provide some kind of street signs which part of traffic signs to the walkers know where their place on the streets.

Unfortunately, some street signs for walking are not properly created which made them vulnerable to weather and other vandalism. The government has been applying many methods to protect the street signs for walkers and other traffic signs but so far, those methods are not full-proof. SideWalk Signs with Frames are the answer to provide longer traffic signs and street signs especially when the weather is bad. How putting frames on street sign could provide better and longer service?

By framing the street signs or traffic signs, the government could protect them from street vandalism which usually happens by certain people and they are doing it at night. The extreme weather changes is also affecting the brightness and the durability of the signs which is why the frames could provide additional protection.


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